BIO-X® puts your research concept to work

The life science industry is increasing its external collaborations with academia and with small innovative companies to build a competitive pipeline of innovative products and services.



Managing collaborations with external partners is demanding work, for all parties involved. BIO-X® bridges this important gap by linking the right industrial collaborators and senior advisors to academic research teams to form and execute a common project plan. This increases the likelihood of transforming research into new and exciting solutions that address our greatest challenges.

BIO-X is a catalyser for transforming great research concepts into a proof of concept for innovative new life science solutions.

Funding and tailor-made support

Over the years, BIO-X has usually granted up to four projects per call up to SEK 2 million for two years to finance necessary activities transforming your research results into proof of concept.

Both grant recipients and selected runners-up are offered personal and tailor-made support to assist them in making the right moves at the right time, in connecting you with people and networks you need.

Our experts on the Advisory Board select the most promising ideas. All project groups are offered individual feedback on their application.

Science, end-users and industry at work together

Suitable industrial and partners from end-users, e.g. clinics, are signed up very early in the process, while respecting the academic research group’s need to publish their findings. Mutual investment ensures that all parties are engaged, and professional tracking methods keep BIO-X projects on plan.

Typically, the research group retains ownership and the industrial partner is offered first right of negotiation against partial project funding. Uppsala BIO assists in setting up agreements under strict confidentiality. Companies interested in current calls and projects are welcome to contact Uppsala BIO.

Project teams are also offered support in building a new company around the proof of concept, if that is the best solution for continued product development.

Roche as a strategic partner to BIO-X

In September 2011, Uppsala BIO signed cooperation agreement with Roche, thus opening up a number of development opportunities for BIO-X applicants. All applicants may choose to have their project proposal reviewed by Roche -in the calls where Roche is an active partner. Projects selected by Roche will also get access to extra funding from Roche, at a similar magnitude as other projects in BIO-X. They will also be assigned to a single contact point in Roche’s  Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED) or Diagnostics organizations, selected according to the expertise required by the project and potentially to Roche’s product development capabilities, such as equipment, reagents or relevant compounds.

The current call: New opportunities for existing drugs is open for collaboration with Roche, if you want to pursue this opportunity

Exit the project with a proof of concept

The end-goal of selected projects is to verify the proposed hypothesis (e.g. a proof of concept). After BIO-X the projects should be ready for investment by for example industry or public/private investors, for the development of a future new product, method or therapy. To learn what solutions we are looking for now, please read our current call for proposals.

Uppsala BIO wants you to succeed. We make it simple for you to apply for BIO-X support, and we will gladly give you feedback on your application. Once you have read the call, contact us to talk about your idea.  

What happens if the project is not approved for funding?

Unfortunately, we can only provide financing to a limited number of projects each year. If, however, you and your partners are still interested on working together, we think the BIO-X application have created a good start and you can find funding together by other means We believe in supporting strong teams working on good ideas, and we collaborate closely with university innovation offices and incubators in our region. Uppsala BIO can still help you set up a viable project plan which could very well lead to other forms of financing.


Anna Ridderstad Wollberg, tel +46 (0)18-477 04 24 or
Karin Agerman
, tel +46 (0)18-477 04 26, project managers for BIO-X within Uppsala BIO.


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