BIO-X® is a catalyser that helps you take your research concepts to the proof of concept stage together with end-users such as clinicians and representatives from the life sciences industry. It helps you develop your results towards a useful product or service. BIO-X is one of the few programmes to focus on this phase.

Uppsala BIO supports you with a project plan, contractual agreements with suitable partners and selected advisors to reach the goal of a proof of concept.

We respect your need to maintain ownership of the invention and your right to publish.

Roche is a strategic partner to the BIO-X® programme for calls related to diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. If you indicate that you are interested in a collaboration with Roche and want them to evaluate your proposal, it will be evaluated by members of Roche’s organization. If not, your proposal is still eligible for BIO-X and will reviewed by the BIO-X Advisory Board only. If your project is selected, you will benefit from financing and consultative support from Roche, and will be put in touch with a single contact point within Roche’s Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED) or Diagnostics organizations, selected according to the expertise required by the project. 

Selected projects will receive financing of up to MSEK 2 for a period of 18 – 24 months, in addition to process support and coaching from Uppsala BIO and in some cases also from Roche. 


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