BIO-X® Call for Proposal 2011:
Science and business at work together


A BIO-X project can offer life science businesses a major competitive advantage by providing game-changing innovations with the correct IP protection. The industrial partner and end-user representatives influence the project positively by introducing product development skills and representing the needs of customers, respectively.

Our experience is that projects in this phase benefit from external partnership and end-user interaction. We will be pleased to help you identify suitable candidates for these roles. Uppsala BIO will present project ideas that do not have an assigned suitable partner to appropriate collaborators under strict confidentiality.

BIO-X usually grants one or more winners up to 1 million SEK/year for up to two years. This grant covers about 50% of the project budget. The research group and its partners cover remaining costs, either in cash or in kind. Typically, the research group retains ownership and the industrial partner is offered first right of refusal. Uppsala BIO assists you in setting up the agreement under strict confidentiality, while respecting the academic research group’s need to publish. A successful match requires consent from all parties involved.

Mutual investment ensures that all parties are engaged, and professional tracking methods keep BIO-X projects on plan. The end goal is the documented proof of concept for a highly useful new solution that fulfils a clear need.

This call has now closed for proposals from academia, and the selection process initiated. We expect to present a first selection of projects that meet our criterion and supposed to be able to reach a proof of concept in the BIO-X context during the first days of July. Some of these projects will most certainly need partners from industry or end-user organisations. The final selection is expected by September/October 2011.

For all further information on this call, please contact Kristin Hellman, project manager at Uppsala BIO, by email to or tel. +46 702-56 59 83.

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