Biotechnology has the potential to provide sustainable solutions to our most critical environmental problems. We are currently looking for partners from industry and the public sector to team up with academic groups in projects with a potential to reach proof of concept for inventions in areas such as food technology, plant production and breeding, bioenergy, and green industrial processes.


In 2011, Uppsala BIO issued a call for ideas for new solutions in green and industrial biotechnology, based on research results in academia. The call has inspired leading research teams to present over 15 project proposals. The goal for each project is to reach proof of concept within two years, for an invention in this area that responds to documented needs in society or in industry.

After a due diligence process, the most interesting and promising proposals were selected for further development by the BIO-X® Advisory Board, a team with deep experience in science and in product and business development in these areas.

Many projects need a partner from the public sector for validation, e.g. governmental agencies, or an industrial partner that can support the project to proof of concept and beyond. Industrial partners typically obtain a first right of refusal of the invention.

Are you interested?

Conditions for participating as a partner, your overall rights and obligations, are briefly described below. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a discussion. Uppsala BIO will be your contact point and manage negotiations with the academic groups.

In addition to these projects, Uppsala BIO runs a portfolio of projects in BIO-X based on concepts developed by academic research teams and evaluated by our Advisory Boards. Our current portfolio includes over 50 projects validated by our Advisory Board. You are most welcome to contact us to discuss the potential for a partnership that can help you realize your goals.

BIO-X represents a major opportunity for the life science industry. We offer your company professionally run collaborations with scientists who want to bring valuable research to market. BIO-X scouts for commercially viable projects, performs due diligence, and secures cooperation agreements between selected academic research teams and companies. With resources such as biobanks, patient registers, and an academic researcher’s expert view of the research domain, your partnership with academia enhances your competitiveness through game-changing innovations. Your speaking partner, Uppsala BIO, understands your business needs.

I’m interested. What do I do next?

Brief us. Contact Erik Forsberg, managing directo, Uppsala BIO, Tel +46 (0)18 477 04 21 or For details of our working process, click here.


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